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Saturday, March 21, 2015

trip ..

school holidays .. unplanned trip to
mark our 26th. anniversary 
as we packed our things .. whats in our mind was ... drive and stop when
we're tired ... 
so monday morning we decided to start our trip ... east coast
first pit-stop ... Dungun 

after visited Azeem at his campus .. lunch 
we drove up north to Kuala Terengganu .. meeting a long lost friend childhood school friends Medan n Baihagi .. after 35years  and we had a yummylicious dinner at Adeq Sue restaurat .. owned by X-Terengganu footballer Hairuddin Omar

spent a nite at K.Terengganu before we decide where to go 😴😴😴

Beautiful day that leads us to an Island ...
trying our luck on room are not that easy during school holidays but ... one nite is good enough ... so we decided on Pulau Perhentian ...

beautiful beaches .. clear blue sky  .. no regret .. how i wish my boys were with me here ....
adding an icing to a cake  ... we got 2nites stay here .... yeaaaaaah 

good morning sunshine ...

then we're off  ... snorkeling here we goooo .. it was beautiful moments

it was beautiful unplanned trip to
mark our 26th. anniversary ... may our love last till Jannah .. Insyallah