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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

draw-string pouches...

well oh well .... glad that finally i finished it
was asked by my sis in-law to make her 150 pieces ... "just a simple pouches"...she said
but it's one of it ... and actually i got another task
a'aaaah ... let it be a secret ... will talk about it once everything DONE .... just wait and see :)

and here are the 150 pieces draw-string pouches ....

makonem was here last week ... and as promised i made her
this little pumpkin pincushion and ginger breadman fridge magnet

and now... holidays are almost done but my w.i.p ..?????


  1. Lovely, job well done!. Thanks for the pumpkin and the ginger-bread man.

  2. the pouches are so cute! sesuai to use as a makeup bag :D hehe
    the ginger-bread man also so comel! hehe. nice!

  3. hee i saw the pouches already, hehhe but y the gingerbread man muke sedh jer? hehheh anyway gd luck in ur nxt project mama!

  4. Ira, tu misai dia la...bukan sedih...hohoho