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Monday, May 2, 2011

my day out ...

Yup ...its public holiday and Happy Labour Day to all !!

Me and love hubby decided to go to KL ..
just the two of us 

Well ... it was great ...no jam no hassle and the best was .. parking space ...we can afford to be choosy ..hihihihi

Our first stop was Jalan TAR .. Bought some fabrics @ Nagoya for my sis in-law's project

@ Kedai Bunga Reben for threads n buttons

then we decided to take a bus ride ( after 22 years ! ) from Jln TAR to Petaling Street ...
should see how excited we were .... hahahaha

But sad to say ..we couldn't find what we're looking for 

After a hot walk down the street ...we went to to Kota Raya ... a shopping mall that full with foreigners ....

Took a second time bus ride of the day ... back to Jln TAR ... and this time we stopped at Pertama Complex (one of the first shopping mall in KL ) ... after a brief look see look see here ... we moved to Campbell .. shopping mall that full with limited edition or rare items ...

and before we went back to our nest ... called the boyz to meet us @ Ikea for late lunch ..

Thank you my love hubby for a GREAT day out ...!!


  1. Sis, should do more often..hehehehehe...

  2. Wah.. dating ek... hehehe... ;) naik bas lagi tu.. hehehe..

  3. Dik ...memang betul should do it more often ...;D

  4. Zila...best ..lawak betul :D macam tak pernah naik bas pulak hahahaha