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Monday, June 20, 2011

quilt for Hana

Alhamdulilah .... just finished ... fresh from oven baby cot size quilt for my little princess Hana Aisha Azuree ... she's my sister Ruby's fourth grandchild ....

Introducing Hana Aisha ...

the quilt ...

the sisters ... Zahra n Hana Azuree ....

Love ... hugs n kisses from nekmbah


  1. comelnyer Hana chan *pinch pinch*
    The quilt is adorable, love the pink green colour combo and the colourful butterflies just add to the whole sweet look..

  2. bertuah cucu nekmbah nie :)) kakak zahra nampak besar dah.

    4 dah ! sekejap jer kan :) kak aida biler lagi :)

  3. Maz .....k.aida bagi peluang kat maz dulu .....:)
    btw ....one more cucu is coming soon ...alhamdulilah !!

  4. Nothing matches hand-made gifts,..made with love lagi tu.