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Thursday, August 4, 2011

crochet week

i'm not into crochet until one day I saw blogger friend Norzilawati Osman's beanie .... that she made for her niece ... glad that I found such a creative person ...and so nice of her to give me the pattern and there is where it started .... and until today I have made few beanies ....

for hana aisha azuree

for daamia azizee

for zahra azuree

for aniq azizee

for aisha khaleed

for najwa
and few flowers that I've learn for tutorials given by another blogger friend Mis Fid ... who made her own crochet hooks ... perghhhh I salute thse creative people .... thank you so much for sharing gulz ....

and adding up to this madness I found these beautiful crocheted throws or baby blankets nice fold at bundles shop ....

and I only have to pay RM12 for both master piece .....

now try to make few beanie for tje boys and hubby ....


  1. RM12 je kak? memang untung tu.. hehe..

    banyaknyer beanies. seronok tgk.. pasni crochet kopiah raya la kak untuk hero5 akak.. :)

  2. Cantik-cantik sungguh....suka tengok tapi nak buat emmmmm jauh lagi la kot

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  4. Zila ....bila budak tu ckp 12 for two ..perghhh dah tak fikir dah terus ambil ..furthermore masih cantik dan bersih...
    Beanie2 tu untuk cucunda ...boleh melaram dipagi raya :)

  5. Suzie .....tq ..kaka aida pun baru belajar ni .....

  6. wah...cantik2nya beanie tu semua!dan bunga2 tu pun sweet sangat!