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Thursday, October 27, 2011

logcabin quilt

have been delaying this piece for several times due to other tasks ..alhamdulilah finally it's completed !!
made this small piece ..

at first.. thought of making a small quilt ... 15 logcabin blocks

but it turned into single size 74 x 58 inches ..

and now my first logcabin quilt is belong to my third son ...

enjoy your quilt Azeem ...now i'm will get back my batik quilt ....

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  1. sukanya tengok...kena tekun kan....

  2. Aida, always love your hand-quilt.... very neat.

  3. Cantiknya quilt Azeem tu.. :)
    Quilt batik tu pun cantik..
    memang tabik spring bab hand quilting akak la...!

  4. alhamdulilah ... tenkiu suzie , diah n zila 