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Sunday, November 20, 2011

home sweet home

this fun and beautiful pattern by blossom creek was picked by a friend ...requested a wallhanging for her and nine house blocks ..a gift for her friends ... lucky them :-D
the wallhanging ...

the blocks ... little cottages

wonky houses ...

bungalows ...

it was fun sewing these ...big blue bungalow

all nine ....

wallhanging ..before landscaping

after and getting ready for basting ...arghh

stitching ...names

i hope my friend and her friends (who received these as a gift) love these ..as much as i love sewing it .... thanks Zue


  1. They all are really some sweet homes.... and lovely!

  2. cute la those wonky houses.. geramm!

    home sweet home.. sememangnya home la tempat yang termanis dan terbaik.. :)

  3. zila ..., apa lagi next projek lah kot ;))