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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

january ... done these

hei ... its january 2012 the first month of the year .. it started quite slow ... take thing easy ... not much but i'm glad and happy with all these ....

pineapple yellow square bag ...

Aishah's lilac n purple combo square bag... so happy she likes it :)

gift with love ..for my lovely sisters n brother

for my dearest friends

bro. in-law's green cover yassin

hexagon centerpiece for my hexies games ...and 11 patchwork blocks for my Birthday Block of the Month ( BBM ) game which i can't show it here ..not going to spoil the surprises ... no no no !!Alhamdulilah ... for such a great first month of the year !!looking forward for more great n beautiful months ..Insyallahaida harun


  1. baru sebln dah mcm2 buat.bestnyee...nak tanye sket, yg tali mcm pvc or leather tu guna benang dan jarum lain ke mcm mana? tq

  2. mamasyitah ... salam .. utk handle tu saya guna benang n jarum yg kasar ..jahit tangan jer ;)

  3. Cantiknyeee... Brp klo tempah 50 pcs ye cover yasin tu