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Monday, March 26, 2012

Quilt for Aman Dzikry ...

a stork has arrived with a new baby boy .. and the lucky mother ....Noorzilawati is my fb (quilt grp ) friend ... guess the only way for all the aunties to join the celebration was by making a quilt .... so we did !! Fida Salim created a document in fb Quilt grp and requested for 6 blocks to be appliqued and sent to me .. the pleasure is mine ... waiting - joining - basting - quilting and finally sent !!! and today i saw this beautiful baby ...so cute giggling on his 'made by aunties' quilt ...

the bear by Mami Zainah the rocket by Mazlinda the rocking horse by Fida the dinasour by Norazlina the sail boat by Ct Hadrawati and the airplane by me ....

backview ...

the quilting line ...

the borders ( fabrics from Fida )

congrats from all of us ... hugs n kisses to AMAN DZIKRY


  1. Handquilting ke Aida? wowwwww.. never done any handquilting lagi, must be tough things to do kan... bravo bravo...

  2. aah la.. lupa amik gmbar belakang dia.. lupa.. hehe.. memang cun la.. saya asyik kaji handquilting akak.. hehehe.. dan applique semua.. dan juga binding.. ngeee.. sebab tak pernah tgk org lain punya kecuali tgk kat Cottage Patch.. :D

    thanks ek kak! terima kasih semua.. :)

    luv, mamadaniel aka mamadanish aka mamadzikry.. ;P

  3. mila ... a'ah memang handquilt .. tak pernah try machine quit :(

  4. zila ... quilting tu kak aida guna venang dmc#12 kasar sikit drp benang quilt biasa ... klu ada yg terlepas pandang minta maap ... the bonding tu kak aida rasa kat youtube ada ajar kot ... nampak gaya kena tukar nama tu ... zila aka mamabebudak ;))

  5. Waahh..What a lovely quilt! untung nye ammar :)

  6. Awesome quilt! I used to have a quilt like that!

  7. Salam, boleh email tak harga quilt ni?
    berkenan la.. http://jarumemasku.blogspot.com/2010/05/polkadotsagain.html#comment-form

    email: su2609@yahoo.com