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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilt for Haneef & Arman

yeayyyyy ...alhamdulilah ..so happy ..another successful projects by fb quilter group ...two baby quilts for two adorable babies ... Fida decided to make two baby quilts with two different colour base ... white and green and we were soooo happy with the result ... green base blocks goes to ....baby haneef

the quilt ...joined and handquilted by Fida Salim .. and the white base blocks goes to baby Arman ....

the quilt ..handquilted by me

blocks by me ...

joined by fida ...

in d'making .. and proudly present the owner .. tadaaaaaaa ....

baby haneef suhayl

baby arman ... hugs n kisses .. tenkiu to all FIDA , ZILA, MAZ, MAMI for those lovely blocks ;D


  1. Cinonitnya van kita... huhuhu..

    Semua geng baby boy! yeay! nanti boleh jumpa main bola sama2.. ngeee.. :D

  2. a'ah betul tu ... geng harimau muda lah nih ;))

  3. These are super cute! How long does it take you to make one?

  4. tenkiu ... at least one week for baby quilt ..

  5. tahniah semua, cantik2 belaka

  6. Salam kak aida. tiba2 terjumpa blog akak dengan quilt dari auntie2 quilt group yang best, hadiah buat suhayl. thanks a lot tau. cantik sangat! until now in great condition. baby aesya pula guna. thanks!