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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September comes n goooo

here it comes again ... but this year it was a little bit special ... it was the number that most of us 'women' scared of .... 

yup ..on 23rd.sept i turned 50 !!  
Alhamdulilah .. i thanked Allah for giving me a chance to be where i am today .. love and being loved ..
since it falls on monday so .. we decided to celebrate my bday on Saturday ...the next weekend where all my heroes were home ..

love of my life ....

he's the man .., one n only

it was great to have six men around me all the time ....love all over my days n nights ...thank Allah for giving me such a beautiful family .. Alhamdulilah 
Opssss ... wait !!

No no its not over yet .... i thought that's it but i was wrong ... I was blessed with another bunch of beautiful people that i can call my family .....another belated birthday surprise party ..held by them ..Sue Pojie , Kuna Opy , Lyn Toms , Liez Shah , Fau Enefen , Zue Zain , Ida Abe Rim , Intan Fab , Cidanx , Faiz ...
just look at them .....well it took a while for them to drew me to the cake tho' ...😜😝
tq all ... 

well ..they caught me by surprise ... i'm speechless ... all that i can say is that " JAZAKALLAH KHAIR ... tenkiu so much for the love n thought ... may Allah bless all of us .. Insyallah Aamiin

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  1. sweeet 50 kak aida..
    kek tu nampak sedap sangat!!! :D