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Friday, February 20, 2009

weekend project - patchwork bag III

well here i am again...talking about another weekend project bag...we decided to make it PURPLE bag this time...we go thru' all the purple-pink fabrics and as a result ..we got this..!!

4 1/2 x 4 1/2in square...4 blocks x 8 blocks....and now i'm using button (magnet) from inside...with two dummy buttons outside the bag...just for deco !

p/s ..the wall-hanging is my xegon quilt...hand-pieced n hand-quilted.(52 x 74in)


  1. salam kak aida....nice n sweet combination of colour.. nak tanya.. handle bag tu akak beli ke.... ?

  2. salam pah..handle tu aida dapat frm my aunt.dr penang...kat cottage patch mungkin ada....kot?

  3. cantiknye..ada kain lebih tak

  4. Lovely bag. Purple and pink are my favorite colors. :)