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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i'm 46 today...

i'm 46 years old today ...

with the raya mood still ON ... i'm celebrating my 46th birthday with....food ... food ... food and the best of all was my mum's nasi lemak for breakfirst ....
yummmmmmmy !
and the worst was the
super expensive warung at Teluk Chempedak for not so nice food...:p

then adik and family took us to Secret Recipe for dinner ... food again..!!!!
they planned to have a surprise party for me ooops.... kantoi ! sorry guys try again next year..hehehe

but they still managed to ambush me .... cornered and attacked ..!!!!

it was great ... thank you !

men of my life......my beloved father

my love hubby...

alhamdulilah for such a WONDERFUL n BEAUTIFUL life .. HAPPY 46TH. BIRTHDAY TO ME......


  1. Hepi belated birthday K. Aida....

  2. aida, hepi belated bestday, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.. amin

  3. Kak Aida..hepi belated birthday. Semoga dirahmati untuk tahun2 berikutnya...Amin!

  4. kak aida, happy belated bithday. awet muda la kak aida! may god bless you :)

  5. thank you all....Amin !

    akmal..thanks... awet muda??? teruja k.aida :)

  6. Happy Birthday (belated) Semuga Allah berkati Aida dengan kesihatan yang sempurna, kebahgiaan yang berpanjangan dan rezeki yang murah. Amin