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Thursday, September 10, 2009

smocking ...

smocking dresses for little Daniaa Zahra ...

well ... finally i finished my little Zahra's smocking dresses ...
really looking forward to see her in this dresses as now she's already walking ... just can't wait !!

i'm so happy ...last public holiday - Nuzul Quran ... another cucu was born ... baby girl Damia Umairah Azizee ...
guess ... next year nenek embah will be buzy with more smocking dresses ... insyallah !

my history of smocking was way back before i started doing patchwork and quilting ...
but it was like sharing project ... i do the smocking and Makonem will sew the dresses ...
and we even bought the Amanda's smocking pleater ... sharing again :)

and as for the smocking magazines ... i have a very kind old friend who's working as a steward and without fail he will bring back those magazines for me ... thanks alot Shukor !
aaaaah those were the days ...

i'm done with these dresses ...
so back to ... making boxes ... with additional another 10 boxes !!

hope that i'll be able to complete it before raya ... keeping my fingers cross :)

p/s : CONGRATS to Azrina (Cutz n Patch) for having another baby girl ...


  1. kakkkk.. cantik nyer smocking akak nih..

    pah tak pernah try buat pleat sampai kat bahu tuh... hhuhuh takut la nak try... :)
    bl la nak start buat .... emmm taku tak leh nak sambung kat bahu tuh,,,

    anyway.. bullion tuh cantikkk sweet jek

    keep ip up kak

  2. salaam sister..
    gosh you're good..Masha Allaah!

    how do you do those little pleats???
    was it just a coincidence..i have been thinking about and reading all i could find on smocking for the past coupla days!!

  3. akum kak....akak terima tempahan ker? email saya nikfarizah@gmail.com.

  4. pah...trylah buat...k.aida use all 24lines..but u need to sew the outline before cutting..klu tak abis terburai..:)

    sis amina...i hv the pleater to make the pleats..but if u don't hv just make a dots lines and then running stitch it..but lot of work !

  5. Aida,... rindu juga buat smocking dresses tu. YEah,.. I miss the good old days. Our smocking design are always lovely and new. Moknem still have the photos,.. will try to get it into the blog.