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Friday, April 9, 2010

Air show baby quilt...

baby quilt for a firend's grandchildren ...
wah...new generation is here ...used to make for "children but now grandchildren"
time flies .... everybody has become granny already .... hehehehe

decided to make the air show baby quilt for her 5months grandson ...
Adam also wants one ... well he has to wait for a while for his request to be fullfilled :)

the Air show baby quilt (45 x 55)

the quilt set consists of ... baby quilt , bag and a bib

and she also wanted the big diaper bags ...
the car (same pattern as another friend) and sunbonnet sue ...

really hope she will likes it ... i'm loving it !!


  1. kak aida .. cute nyer air show tu ... bila la leh nk buat camtu.. nice job sis as always

  2. Love it!!Terngiang2 bunyi airshow kat telinga :))

    Kalau Aiman tenguk dia pun mesti nak satu...

  3. Comel quilt ni. As usual your work are neat and lovely.

  4. pah..thanks

    maz...nak buat template dah ada ...sila2 lah :)

    mokonem...thnaks alot !!!!