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Thursday, April 1, 2010

flower basket...

once upon a time ... everybody wanted to do this pattern
Liza... A.Bardot and me :)
Liza and A.Bardot did theirs and me ..i got stuck somewhere along the road..hehehe
actually i'm making this for Mak Yon (Adik's mother in-law)

i finished making the top ... quite sometimes but then it got freezeeeee due to my forgetful old mind... i forgot to buy fabric for the outer borders ...so in it goes to the WIP section until last CNY...

and today ... i finished quilting it .... so happy :)

the Flower Basket quilt for Mak Yon (53 x 78 )

i like it...
hope Mak Yon likes it too ...
nanti saya gi Melaka ... Mak Yon buat teh tarik halia ya ... terbaik !!!


  1. kak Aida.. Cantik & terbaek... =)

  2. Cantiknye, the colors are soothing and calm. Lovely.

  3. lama dah tak bertandang kat umah sifu ....rindu nak tenguk hasil kerja yang Dboom!! macam nie :)

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