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Monday, February 21, 2011

call it pink ...

another task to be finished before March knocking on my door ...
was summoned by Iman to make her these drawstring bags ...
for her mum's kenduri arwah door gifts ...

using saree was not as easy as cotton ... it frayyyyyyyy
well ..besides all the fray ... i'm glad everything turn out the way i want it to be ...

all packed ..

another pink project for me ..
an easy grab bag ..

enjoy it ladies ....


  1. cantikla grab bag itu.. sungguh ceria.. :D
    kain sari ke tu... mesti licin kan... dah siap mesti lega kan... :D

  2. Semua pun cantik dan menarik. Your workmanship is neat. Pasti Iman gembira.

  3. grab bag yg tak terbuat2 lg oleh saya.. nice la kak.... must sew 1 for me.... :)

  4. Thanx moknem ..
    Hope the guests will love it !

  5. Pah ..k.aida rasa u can do it lah ....

  6. Salam. 1st time dtg sini :). Love the grab bag :D