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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

killing time ...

stumbled with a beautiful n bright crocheted pumpkin cushion while browsing and decided to make one for me ....i dont even know how to read the instructions bcoz i'm learning crocheting thru' pattern ...
with sore fingers i finally made it ...tadaaaa

and yesterday .. I come up with this scrappy teddy ..

and also with this unfinished 'no handles yet ' pouch ...

hope will be able to sew more :D


  1. Your creations are so lovely again Aïda...very beautiful..all three are looking so good!!..well done...greetings Francien.

  2. Aida, all are lovely and soooo productive!!!

  3. cute pumpkin tu.. nampak mcm besar jugak.. brape tinggi dia tu kak? teringin gak nak crochet bentuk2 macam ni.. nampak macam single crochet jer.. senang ke kak?

    teddy pun cute.. :D

  4. Zila...its about (ukurlilit)10in x 4 in (h)..i think you boleh buat ni ..i tengok kat utube ...

  5. love the teddy, pumpkin and bag! they are cute!