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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sewing ...

Remember the goody bags that i made for aisha khaleeda 1st. birthaday party ??? guess this is the contiunations... her parents decided to make few more bags for their own ;)

daddy's tote bag ..he wants something not so gurly ... an owl woot woot

and mummy and aisha... sunbonnet sue on cupcakes fabric .... yummyyyy

little pillow cases from the leftovers fabric ...

and little matress cover ...

thank you aisha , mummy n daddy !!


  1. cantik semuanya.. dah tengok kat facebook.. hehehe...

    suka little matress cover tu..
    size dia brapa kak ek?

  2. Zila...kecik jer ..just want to make full use of the fabric so no more leftovers ....abt 3/4 of the matress

  3. cantiknya... suka ngan tote bag owl tuh.. cute.. agree with u.. not so gurly hehe