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Sunday, February 28, 2010

alone but not alone...

i would say that i'm looking forward when my love hubby told me his plan .... going to Pen with his friends and the boys :)
actually i really what to know how i felt being home alone ...
i started planning my home alone weekend ... and it was a looooong list of "what to do ..."
then the "alone" feeling disappeared when i received text from Aliff saying ..." mama, abang on the way balik Shah Alam dah tau.."... so happy bcoz having Aliff home and now is like ...alone but not alone :)
he came home bcoz he needs to do something ..so he won't be home but he will be home at night.....yezzzzzza i don't have to sleep alone ....so happy...happy...happy
and..i still can go on with my plan ...hehehe
first on my list was Ladies Day Out with my SIL Liza and my friend Linda ... to Kelvin's new shop and Yee's button ... i got myself these fabrics ... besides fibres ( normal and compact )

then... things still go on and on
glad that i managed to do things that listed ...
- basting Mak Yon's quilt ( flower basket) - done
- basting baby's quilt - done
- sew binding and finish baby's quilt - done
and got sore fingers- yes
... i'm so very happy at least i've done something :)

and now ...Aliff already went back and reached Malacca and i'm 100% home alone for another few hours ...
guess , i'm very happy with my " alone but not alone" weekend ...

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  1. Well at least you pandai manage time. Moknem hopeless. Too much to do but have only two hands. Panas kepala, anxiety attack, .... so take a shut eyes. Lol.