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Monday, February 22, 2010

big bag...

it's a kick off for me after having such a long holidays ...
promised aunt.Bardot to finish her big bag after CNY ...so i did :)
this bag is suppose to be a big diapers bag for her ... she's is expecting a first grandchild anytime ... soon i guess

actually she sent to me the ready quilted pieces before CNY ... and i was so buzy and excited to go for holidays ...

here it is ... the first finished project after long holidays ....
by the way ...it's not 100% my work
aunty did all the piecing and quilting and me ... i turned it into this bag ...

guess ..it gonna be a baby's project month for me as i've got few projects on my list ... don't get it wrong not me ...hehehe

and to my friend Nur and Amar ..congrats on your new baby girl !!


  1. WAUW...what a beautiful bag you have made Aïda...great colors and your auntie did a very good job on the piecing and quilting...love the circles...all in all very awesome bag!!
    greetings Francien.

  2. I love the bag. The colors are beautiful and the circles are awesome. :)

  3. Francien and Staci ... thank you :)

  4. Kak Aida,
    cantik beg! Sweet je.
    Someday, Yati nak buat bag jugak. Masih belajar lagi. :)

  5. yati...thanks..yup, u shd try :)