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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

down memory lane...

wedding day 19th.march 1989.......20years ago...

i'm happy to share..the greatest moments of my life...i'll celebrating my 20th.anniversary tomorrow..19th.March...may it lasts forever....besides all the tears and sorrow ..i do have a Great and Wonderful life...thank you , sayang.. happy anniversary...!
do mind me..i don't really write and don't know how to...but really feel like writing today...just feel like sharing the moments of my life with all of you out there....

i have known my love hubby...years before we got married...we were actually course-mate..(ITM at that time..)...i fell in love with my course-mate...we started dating towards the end of our studies...and i fell in love with him since..and everyday of my life!...hard to describe 'him' but whenever i look at my boys...there's him inside of each of them....especially his smiles...all my boys have his smiles...

we got married in a very simple ceremony... we were still studying at that time...preparing ourselves before we went to Japan..(Look East Policy programme...thumbs up to Tun Mahathir for such a brilliant ideas)....consist of 2 parts...6 months in Malaysia to learn Japanese language and 6 months in Japan for on-job training...

we came back in nov 89...and i was a pregnant lady...5 months...yup! Aliff was made in Japan....i thanked Allah for giving me... a mild morning sickness...i even climbed Mount Fuji during my first month....of course he didn't know..sshhhh!..did told him....when we reached down....or else..i'm sure he will stop me from climbing...!

when i was there..i ate raw fish ..'daaaa..like i have a choice'.... and fruits everyday...i love apples and pineapples....everytime i passed the fruit stall...and believe me... the smells just like Famous Amos....just can't help it...the pineapples were soooooooo sweet and juicy...as a result for consuming alot of apples and pineapples...Aliff has a beautiful skin...no skin problems at all...
when he was 15...he started to worry...friends start calling him name just because he got nice skin and no pimples....but now he's 19...he is glad that finally got pimples..!!!

"..moral of the story.....eat alot of fruits during pregnancy..ok ladies..!!!"

well....i quit working in 1995..when i have the third son Azeem...life was hectic at that time...travelled from Klang to KL everyday...after sending me to the bus stop..he will travel back to Banting....sending my boys to his parents' house...every working day...6 am from home and reached home after 8 pm.....purghhh it was tiring!!!!

i do have maid before but decided to send them home...having a good maid is a bonus but surrounding will spoil them.....when they start demanding and show faces...send them home...

being a fulltime housewife was not an easy task...i was lost at first...then as time goes by..everything starts falling into a right place....then i started .....quilting, patchwork, smocking, making boxes and so on and on....until today.....

my special thanks to my love hubby for supporting me all the way...to MakOnem (my sifu)
for giving me a chance and believing in me...eventho' she knew that i've never hold a needle before....sometime i wonder...why she always has a confidence in me....to Aunty Ani for bringing back the patchwork fever from US...she went for classes there....and for all we know...we have a small group of quilters......A.Ani, A.Bardot, A.Noy, my two sister in-laws Liza and Dona, cousin Ila..(prof. to be), Yan, Hajarul and Datin Azlin, a friend Linda and last but not least..my mother in-law (finishing her hand-quilting..queen size xegon quilt) and no to forget my neighbouring friends..Oli Tuang..(N.Zealander), Fatimah..(dr. to be), Puspa..(to bad she shifted to Puchong), Shiela and Zayana..(Aliff's friend..)... well ladies....thank you for the great moments that we have and still sharing.....

and to all uncles..especially to Uncle Om..who always said..."aida..u took a wrong course.."..i take it as a compliment .. thanks....i'm proud to tell...Uncle Om was one of the interior designer that involved and designed the royal rooms' renovations...in Istana Negara..( Almarhum Sultan of Selangor as Agung)

and my sons Aliff,Aiqal,Azeem & Adam for being a great supporters..all the way boys!!!

and to my sisters and sister in-law (Long, Ngah, De-bea, Adik, Kak Kay) my brothers, nephews ,nieces and my lil'princess Zahra...thank you so very much...for the surpports and always being there for me....love u all..!

and now i have all of u ..my bloggers friend...million of thanks for sharing..! i'm praying ...may all of us... have a wonderful..beautiful..great life ahead of us..


  1. Happy Aniversary to you! ... Happy Anniversary to a very special couple

  2. Kak Aida, happy anniversary to you & your hubby. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat..


  3. Happy Anniversary Aida & Azhar ! 20 yrs, wow !mine going to be 16 this Nov. Moga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat & bahagia selalu.

    Pretty true, I'm kinda lost after decided to be fulltime housewife. Now pun still lost lagi, ahaks..

    So, you learn patchwork/quilting thru frenz & family yea. I just abt to ask you belajar dkt mana coz wuz thinking to learn.

  4. maz...thanks alot


    azie...amin,thanks..memang pun....i was like crazy
    when mula2 berhenti....it takes time to adjust kan...but don't worry u'll make it...yes..we are more self-learner lah..i x pernah g classes pun..just come over to my place kita blh belajar sama2....

  5. thks aida, shall i take this as an offer. nnt bila i ready, i bgtau yea. i pun normally self-learner, but if ada sifu much better.

    i hope i can make it. almost 6 mths i resigned, but most of d time i spent in front d pc. i guess internet is my big enemy, but still i nak browse juga daily *sigh*

  6. Salam

    Hapi Aniversary mama...! Semoga kasih sayang akan kekal abadi hingga ke akhir hayat. Agak-agaknya dalam masa berapa tahun lagi dah boleh jadi nenek ya?

    Tadi tu keluar gi dating lah ye? Candle light lunch ke?

    Dah pegi Singer. Dia suruh I tukar buat paddle kepada elektrik tapi kena tukar kotak lah. Betul ke nak kena tukar kotak? Tak boleh ke I letak je kat atas kaki mesin yang sedia ada?

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  8. Happy aniversary to you and JI. Moga berkekalan ke akhir hayat. Tahun ni dapat hadiah apa lak?

  9. azie..i'm honour to have u around..just let me know ya..insyallah

    hajarul..thanks..spotlight lunch la..pasal mesin tu i tak sure lah..tp rasa boleh letak balik kat kaki mesin tu...

    niena...thanks..hadiah??tengah fikirlah ni....hehehe

  10. salam, I 'm late but I still want to wish you happy Anniversary...insyallah hingga ke akhir hayat kekal bahagia....!!

  11. Darling Aida n JayI

    Happy Anniversary. Alhamdulillah dah sampai 20 tahun. May Allah bless you with many more years... of good health, endless happiness, good wealth. A

    MokNem very proud of you, coz.... with little knowledge that I pass down .... you manage to make lots of people happy. Well done.

    La ni kat Penang, I can get so mental block sometimes. I miss the company of lovely chirpy ladies of our little sewing group. Now dah ade blog,...(thanks to JayI for working it out for me) I can share my projects and founds with you guys.

    End Mac, I'll be in KL. Hope to see you guys. Will bring along new handbags.

  12. aniza : thanks , insyallah

    moknem : million thanks..it won't happen if not because of u.....thanks..rite..c u in KL

  13. Happy Aniversary to both of you, GI and Aida. May both of you have more wonderful years ahead. Semuga sentiasa diberkati Allah swt dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amin. Thank you to both of you for being there with me during my difficult times. I am sure Hafizuddin will remember his ayah and ibu 'senduk' dia. Shukran Jazilan.

  14. alin...thanks alot,insyallah ..amin..and buat anakanda hafizuddin..dia tetap dihati kami...thank you for letting us shared the moments with him..al-fatihah ..

  15. salam kak... woow...20th anniversary... congrats ye... semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat....
    pah dah terlewat wish tp nak wish jugak...

    best baca cite akak.. ok kak...

    senyum2 selalu

  16. terima kasih..pah..insyallah,amin.really happy u enjoy reading it....thnaks alot.!

  17. i'm amazed with the no of comments in your postings laa. until 16 comments. kena bg giveaway gaks nih, he he..

    aida, as a start, can u teach me how to do bag like the purple bag tu or tote bag mcm yr current project? or mebi we should wait until your tote bags project completed first.

  18. hehe..happy anniversary mak aida n uncle j.i.

  19. azie..if there's any giveaways..i think u'll be the winner..btw azie ..since ramai nak belajar beg purple i will post..how to make a purple bag..what do u think???good idea kan..klass thru' blog.....

    elin...thanks..i'll always pray for you..don't worry and don't cry over a spilt milk..hope u know what i mean...love u.