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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my princess...

i came from a big family..with seven of us (37 members) just imagine how havoc the situations were when all of us get-together...and now let me introduce the latest edition to family...

on 14th.may 2008...Daania Zahra our little princess was born...well it was really the greatest news...after 8years (my youngest son Adam) we didn't receive any delivery from stork !!!
...our little Zahra was named after my mother... Zaharah

i got new title now...Zahra will be calling me "nek mbah"...wonder why and how my sisters got that???? well...my love hubby is part javanese ...so in order to keep it in the family they decided to add "mbah" to my title....so now we were known as tok mbah and nek mbah....it sound catchy...isn't it?? well...with six of us...i think Zahra gonna have a hard times to remember all the names...poor Zahra...! but and as for me...no matter what Zahra gonna call me....i'm glad and proud of it..!

p/s ...she is wearing the smocking dress (posted earlier)


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  2. MasayAllah....

    Selepas berhempas pulas, akhirnya barulah berjaya. Hairan betul apasallah kat your blog ni, tak ada annoy yg u cakap tu. Padalah kat blog lain sume ade. Hairan sungguh la. Tak pa lah apa cerita pun akhirnya dapatlah I write something here.

    Sukanya I bag yang purple tu. Mengancam! I nak belajar lah ngan u nanti. Sudi ke lagi mengajar murid tua ni???

  3. ya ke???susahnya tapi tak pa..at least u got it ...just bring ur fabric over to my place...insyallah we can make the bag or may b can restart where u left....!hehehe

  4. ...thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I love the bags you make...they are beautiful.

  5. hi aida, glad i found shah alam blogger here.. i thnk u into quilting rite, and your work are fabulous. anyway, i've added yr blog into mine.

  6. hai azie..glad to know u...well actually i'm into anything that my two hands can do...thanks for dropping n addg to my blog..will do the same

  7. Daniaa Zahra - such a lovely name. She is your daughter or yr niece?

  8. azie..she is my cucu saudara..cucu sulong my second sister..