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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

k is for kettle...

i made this wall-hanging for my little kitchen for quite sometimes ago but still can't decide where to hang ...

and there's a nice story behind this simple wall-hanging which i would love to share with ...

... i was summoned by my sis in-law to make a gift for Perkhemahan Pandu Puteri di Rompin closing ceremony and the receiver
was none other than our KDYTM Tengku Puan Besar Pahang Tunku Azizah .... i was honoured ... thanks !!!

my SIL wanted something that close to KDYTM Tengku Puan ... as all of us knew that Tengku Puan Besar loves cooking and good in crafting ... so i told my sister "let's make wall-hanging..." and so i did.... too bad i don't have the photo of it...

.... i made the wall-hanging ..then i sent it to my adik in Kuantan to have it framed ...then my brother took it back to Rompin a week before the event ...and my sis in-law forgot to snap a photo of the 100% finished wall-hanging .... :(

every now and then when i saw mine...i do hope that the wall-hanging has find a nice place somewhere in royal's kitchen wall ... ;)

i made myself a 90% replica of it ..as i never like making a same thing twice ... so mine is bigger
...no framing...no dollies ... just a simple wall-hanging to remember the event ...!

p/s : thanks to my SIL Liza for printing the pattern for me....


  1. Aida, a lovely wallhanging piece! Like the colours too.

  2. Aida,.. cutenye. I'm sure her highness appreciate it.

  3. diah..thanks

    makonem ...hope so :)

  4. hi kak aida. i'm your new visitor. really impressed with your wall hanging. really am.. the colours are well blend. it looks like you have made a wise decision on choosing the colours.

  5. so cute! great work.. ble dah gantung kat dining table.. :)

    btw.. nak tanya.. bli kat mana eh grey board(the one you use for the box) tu?

  6. salam kenal, i love those 'kettles' so very pretty

  7. aimila...thanks

    snazzysuch...board tu i beli art shop section 2 shah alam

    makcikkantin... salam perkenalan ...thanks !