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Saturday, August 15, 2009

weekend projects...boxes n purse...

well.. .it's a quiet Saturday evening for me...my love hubby took Azeem and Adam to Bangi for soccer game and Aliff was out with his friends... and i was left home alone ...

at first ..thought of joining them but i really need to finish making the boxes ... and glad that i decided to stay... now the boxes are done ... next step , wrapping it which i feel it's easier than making it ....really hope i can finish it by next weekend !!

while waiting for the glue (using contact glue) to dry and ease away my backache ... i found a sweet and cute project to do... it was a felt purse which i saw and learnt from http://paper-and-string.blogspot.com
the purse was so sweet ... so i decided to make one as the tutorial looks so easy to follow...and really happy with what i made ... thank you !

here's my sweet felt purse ...

today , i'm glad that i'm home alone ... with 20 finished boxes and a cute felt purse ... who wouldn't ?

p/s : now am thinking of making felt cases for shades and phone ....


  1. congrats aida for completing all the boxes. and nice cute lil purse.. milik siapakah felt purse itu nanti..

  2. thanks azie....entah lah milik sape agaknya ya??

  3. Leganya Aida the hard part of the box making dah over. Good for you girl. I always admire your discipline.You really get the job done.

  4. alhamdulilah..memang lega bila tenguk boxes dah siap..!