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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bears are here ...

here i am ...
making 4 little blue bears for 4 little princesses that touches my heart ...xoxoxo

Airish's bear with blue ribbon ...

Aina's bear with red ribbon ...

Alia's bear with light green ribbon ...

and my fourth bear is for my little pricess Daamia ... which it's still under progress ... well, actually Daamia is still in Perlis (her mum's hometown) so ... no rush nenek embah !!!
still using the same fabric but yet to decide what colour of ribbon i'm gonna use....pink or purple ?


  1. for daamia pink ribbon..y coz her mum suke pink..heheheh..baby masuk spital la mak aida..x tau sbb ape...cerita lanjut kene tanye mama

  2. dah tau...hope she'll be okey, insyallah!

  3. Cute bears! Where did u get the pattern?

  4. susah lah mcm ni. baby tua dapat apa? pulut kuning nenek gai ah nampaknya.

  5. baby tua kat dah dapat...macam2 ???

  6. all things beautiful...thanks for dropping by..i got the pattern from a friend who went for bear making at Damansara centerpoint..