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Monday, October 5, 2009


finally...done it !

here are the last 10 boxes in 3 different colours ..

frankly ... i love all but if i were to be given a chance to place my name o
n any one of these boxes ....
this is the one that i like most .... the orange l
ace and lining

i'm not saying that the other colours are not nice but ...this particular orange box does caught my eyes ... :)

well ... actually all colours are beautiful ...


  1. Aida,... memang cantik! Now I can't wait for the wedding reception, mesti gonna be grand and glamorous, knowing Jam's effort putting the whole thing together.

  2. Hallo Aida,

    I can come on your blog again and place a comment!!...i could not do that for over a month now but since you have changed your blog it is allright again ...so happy belated Birthday and your princess is adorable!! and you did a great job on your boxes...
    greetings Francien.

  3. makonem...u must come tau :)

    Francien...is that so ? thank you for your lovely commments...thanks alot !