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Monday, October 12, 2009

my bag...

i received 30 pieces of 5" square from my friendship swap bag partner Beth ... earlier this week
and decided to make this lovely pattern which i saw in Lappeklippe ...one of the blog that i link to.. i really love this blog ! wonderful blog that fills with beautiful needleworks and projects .... bags ... bags ... bags .. aaaaa'h i'm loving it :)

and here's my bag ...
thank you for the tutorial ...Lappeklippe (sorry , i didn't get your name )
and by the way , i saw another bag that i think i should make... :)


  1. Aida, such a lovely bag, and nice fabrics!

  2. woww... cantik.. cantik.. n sweet pastel color..

  3. agree with you aida, Lappeklippe's blog full with lovely bags & other needleworks.. and i love the idea of making bags plus some embroidery. browsing her blog make me feel want to stay at home & do all these bags, ahaks !

  4. wow sis.. sungguh mengancam, cantik sgt2

  5. diah..the fabrics are frm my swap patner :)

    azie ... agree 100%

    pah.. thank you sis....cuba lah buat..it was fun !!

  6. wah bestnya .. dapat kain + bag yg sweet..

  7. kak aida.. pah tros pi blog lappeklipp nih.. hihi
    best nyer bag2 dia.... ade plan nak cuba ni