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Monday, May 4, 2009


first of all .... Alhamdulillah for such a GREAT news...

i guess as a mother.... there's no news can beat this news....CONGRATULATIONS .. AIQAL B. AZHAR you are accpeted to join UiTM for next intake....massyallah it was the best news ..i sat back ... tears in my eyes .. i thanked Allah....called my mum and told her...can't wait to tell Aiqal and my love hubby the good news...(they went for friday's prayer..)

Aiqal reached home first...i hugged him ...cried again ...but this time i guess the tears are more on letting him go ....then my love hubby came back ... we looked at the computer again...and again ... it was mixed feelings tho' .... aaaah being a mother ... over-emo lah pulak..!

Aiqal is my second son...he will be joining my eldest son Aliff as a student in University Technology Mara ...he will furthering his study in Diploma in Art n Design (graphic design)...so i will be missing another love of my life ...purghhh i hate that..but i'm glad that he will be able to continue what he do best...designing and he will be joining Aliff in Lendu , Malacca ..here we come...!!!

and as for Aliff...he is doing his 2nd.semester final exam now and will finish on 10th.May ... good luck !!!

and after that....my home will fills with ... tears normally from adam ... teasing from Azeem and Aiqal and as for Aliff ....i guess being the eldest brother ... he will always be the one that sit on the bench and watch the show.....

"thank you to all the prayers"

besides Aiqal...his cousions also will be joining him...congrats to IMAN , Adik FATIN and ATEN....and good luck !
p/s : Iman - Uitm Bukit Mertajam
Adik Fatin - Uitm Segamat
Aten - Unisel Batang Berjuntai


  1. Congratulations Aiqal from Auntie Diah. Do your best!Perseverance begets success!!!!!!

  2. Tahniah Aiqal, nenek harap Aiqal work hard dan jangan sia-siakan peluang ini. Buat yang terbaik and make us proud.
    Aida makin kosonglah rumah. Nanti sunyilah. Nasib ada yang lagi dua orang tu.

  3. thanks moknem.. will tell him...tu lah...sedih lah pulak

  4. hehe..congrats mak aida..aiqal..uitm maner???caya la after this bertambah lg graphic designer in the family...aer hal aiqal design..

  5. maz..terima kasih banyak2...sedih gilerrrrr!

  6. tahniah to Aiqal from untie zila..
    belajar pepandai.
    make you mom & dad proud..
    kak aida jgn sesedih tau..

  7. Tahniah kak Aida...boleh bagi resepi nak didik anak yg berjaya ke?Er...tahniah juga untuk Aiqal dari aunty. Kak...jangan sedih taw...meh chat ngan mas anytime hehehe

  8. maz,zila.thank you....:)

    mas...rasanya k.aida ni tak ada resepi..just be with them and always doakan yang terbaik selalu buat anak2 n ibubapa..insyallah..amin

  9. tahniah aida!! sejuk perut u mengandungkan dia orang!! hopefully dia orang berdua sukses selalu!


  10. alhamdulilah niena...berkat doa dari semua ..terima kasih

  11. Alhamdulillah & Tahniah.. Semoga di berkati Allah swt