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Sunday, May 31, 2009

weekend project - pencil case

another weekend...it was hot saturday here in Shah Alam ... really donno what to do ... my love hubby was working ... my boys were all over ... thinking whether i can become a king of the day....just like King Midas ... just with a touch everything turns to gold ...used to believe in that ...when i was small of-coz ...hehehe

then looking at all the pencils laying around the house...decided to make a pencil case...( he will start looking for it when school starts...that's my Adam )

i start looking for fabrics..scraps actually ...to make myself a pencil case ...joined the strips...basting... quilting with my favourite quilting lines..spiral.. then a zipper... i thought i'll be able to finish it fast but...again i'm not good in putting the zip...after sew and rip and sew and rip...with books as reference ... i still had a hard times putting it ... then i knew my problem... the zip was slightly shorter than it should be....aaaaa'h finally ...i got it!!!!!

here's my King Midas's touch of the day...not so gold pencil case

to all i'm wishing ...have a wonderful holidays...HAPPY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS..!!


  1. Aida, that seems a wonderful idea for your son. Sure he will be proud to have his own mummy to make one for him. Lovely pencil case!

  2. org ygrajin dan kreatif nix boleh dok saja2 kan.. tangan mesti ada benda nak buat dan hasilnya.. wallah...!!

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  4. oops,.... tersilap tadi. Moknem kagum kat aida. sentiasa ade saje brg nak buat.

  5. wahh... nice! this time pencil case plaks. dah lama brangan nak buat satu, tp my vit M makin menjadik2 lately. neeway sure adam happy his mama made a pencil case for him.

    p.s. this afternoon i went to plaza shah alam, while passing by houses there, teringat kat you. rasa cam nak singgah jer tadi, hik hik...

  6. diah...rasa2 macam nak jadi i punya pencil ncase i..hehehe

    deemuntaz...betul kata u...tangan ni gatal jer..ni pun otak tengah mencari2 sesuatu..:) thanks for dropping by

    moknem...tu yang dikata tangan gatal..

    azie..next time klu dah bawah tu singgah lah...u what azie...k.aida rasa macam i nak keep the pencils case...nanti nak buka sekolah buat lain untuk Adam...:D

  7. next time, if i lalu sana.. i call u first k.

    i rasa ok gaks if you buat new pencil case for adam, carik fabrik yg a bit boyish sket ker..

  8. simple but nice pencil case :D nanti nak buat satu lah utk diri sendiri..

  9. akmal..yup! memang kena buat tu...:)

  10. Salam Aida,makin mengancam umah u,kretif sgt2,kalau buat lagi pos satu kat saya...