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Thursday, May 14, 2009

my new mini HP...

well ...this gonna be my first posting using my newly received mini HP lappy (HP Mini 1001TU) from my love hubby... mother's day gift...thanks alot sayang....now i got my own lappy...from today i don't have to wait for the vacant lappy already....yahooooooo!

my love hubby wants me to make my own case...so i did...i spent the whole day making it...just a simple one tho'.... simple but nice...

i choose the japanese cotton to mark the ownership..hehehe so sorry boyz ...thought of making a patchwork out of it ...but the fabric is already look nice on it's own ...so i decided to do quilting only....full spiral quliting pattern...

just to share the latest edition to my treasures' list....
my new HP lappy with its quilted case....

thank you to my love hubby for such a cute lappy.....muaaaah!


  1. you're soooooo lucky to receive this mothers day gift. lappy.. yeah, i hv this in my wish list, but yet to get any. ni yg atom tu ker?

  2. btw aida, where u normally buy quilt & more mag in shah alam? d stall near giant 13, didnt carry d last quilt & more..

  3. azie..mmg lappy guna atom..and mag.tu ada jual kat kedai buku sri tanjung seksyen 9..may ur wishlist comes thru'...insyallah

  4. that's the most cool gift ever!!
    and the case is so cute and made perfectly for u hehehe..

  5. ada untuk aten kan satu? surf board nya cover pun ada kannn? hahahahhaha