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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my bags ... III

the patchwork bags.....

i guess ..bags are the best give-away items...almost all my patchwork bags were given away as a gift...in fact that's the fastest project to be completed so....why not? here are some of the bags that i made ...

given to my love hubbys' aunts...Mak Tam and Chik Bibah ...as bag telekung...(2bags ...same design)

given to the girl next door Nana (..when she got a place in UM to further her studies...)

for my MIL as bag telekung...she picked the pattern and choose the fabrics...

now i taking a break from my mega project...while waiting for Aliff to finish with the task that i gave....i make him draw the quilting lines for my 3rd.phase of the project...hehehe

don't know whtr i'm gonna shakes my legs and relax or find something to do...think..think and think...? any suggestions.?????


  1. aida.. you betul2 productive lately la. tak duduk diam langsung, ada jer output. tak rugi keep on checking your blog daily. M jelez tau !! hik hik..

    i like the pink bag tu.. nak satu, hik hik..

    i think i got suggestion for you laa.. since now musim giveaways, why dont you buat satu beg ker (since you said the easiest) and give to the lucky person who leave comments about your blog. i really hope, M that lucky person... wuyooooooooo !!

  2. azie...agree wit u..may be i should make something for giveaways season..but i nak tunggu biar musim giveaways slow-down sikit baru best...tungguuuuuu..btw saje nak jeles kan u..i dah siapkan 1 bag n 1 bear....hehehe

  3. yeahh.. yeahh.. my suggestion being considered. kena ada special gift for suggesting nih, hik hik..

    now i makin jelez laa, you dah siapkan 1 baf & 1 bear... currently semua my projek terbengkalai. nak gi yr house pun dunno when.

  4. Rajinnye aida,... seronok moknem tengok blog aida,..ade saja project baru.