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Thursday, May 7, 2009

my bags...II

my beads bag...

as i promised..now i will talk about my beads bag...it is more like my formal handbag...i'm not really a handbag lady but i need to have one in order to go along my traditional dress... baju kurung gi rumah orang kahwin...hehehe

the fabric is thai's silk and pearl beads for handles.....this bag is meant for my dark colour traditional dress.......

the same fabric but different colour and the handles is a string handles which my love hubby bought in Japan.....


  1. I like them, for the fact that it's being one of a kind. Posing skeet with your bag, share it here before u leave for the function :)

  2. aniza..insyallah hari ahad ni k.aida ada function...nanti i posing ya..hehehe

  3. kak.. so nicely done... simple but sweet jek ...:) sokong kak aniza.. posing tau kak

  4. pah n aniza.....tungguuuuuu!!

  5. i just adore your beady bags!
    i've never seen this type of beading on a bag,but did on the neck and sometimes waists of dresses..and i loved them..and i think its a wonderful idea using it on a bag!it looks so cute..I want that white bag!