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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the family day...

it was my second FD in a row for this school holidays...the Harun-Zaharah family get-2gether...after twice in Kuantan and once in Tioman and this year in Putrajaya ...

my beloved parents...Haji Harun b. Haji Salleh and Hajjah Zaharah bt. Haji Taeh...watching us during the telematch...

it was our 4th.family get-2gether (sorry guys wrongly printed as 3rd...!) suppose to be (camping) in Rompin but due to unforseen circumstances ..venue changed and my bro. in-law abang Man suggested that we have a bowling tournament instead...so the 3days 2nights event will be held in Putrajaya...

it started with 'treasure hunt' on saturday morning ... too bad my love hubby have to work so my family have to join with others...i choose my nephew Raffles Azuree (Zahra's dad) to be in my group...( Raffles/Aiman/lil'Zahra/Azeem/Adam and myself)....and here we go....Putrajaya...it was fun...wrong ways...shopping at Mydin...sweeper cum paparazzi...and our team reached home last but.......we won 2nd.place (time diff.)

then after lunch...BOWLING at Alamanda....clad in different colour t.shirt ... we show off our not so good skills... well to our surprise some of them do have a skill ... not bad ..not bad at all ! and of-coz there're alot of laughing and screaming ... especially when everybody is trying to show off what they got... hahahahahaha

(my bro. and family getting ready...here's D'rom a.k.a tak menang pun tak pe..)
after the 2 hours battle of the family ... we got the winners and the trophy goes to D'nines (my 1st. sister's family..) and D'jawas (my family) 1st.runner up and D'Azees (my 2nd. sister's family)2nd.runner-up... and D'jawas also won Boy category - Aliff - champion and Aiqal - 2nd.runner-up and my love hubby won 1st.runner-up for Male category....

... it was BBQ dinner... with all those fresh seafood came all the way from Rompin ... it was fantastic dinner ... fishes / prawns / squids / crabs and of-coz chickens ... fingers licking good!

the next morning... telematch ... we drove to a lake near PICC ... and have a wonderful telematch and great time ... games and prizes were provided by each family... just to make it short... it was GREAT ! ...till the next family day..take care and love you all...


  1. Looks like everyone was having fun. And how funny to see that teenagers act goofy no matter where they are in the world. ;-)

  2. Aida,... your family is so lucky to have each other. May Allah bless each and everyone of you.

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  4. FeatherDuster..you're rite!!

    Makonem..thanks alot,insyallah

  5. kak aida meriahnya family day :)))

  6. meriah betul family akak. seronok tgk..

  7. maz..memang meriah..nak tgk gambo dlm FB..meriah giler!

    akmal..our family memang meriah..alhamdulilah

  8. Salam

    Kak Aida, you're really my teacher lah. Pas ni nak kena gi belajar mcmana nak maintain my blog ni pulak!

  9. Hish! Pening I dok membelek2 blog I nie....He..He

  10. salam hajarul...finally..thanks for the trust given to me...insyallah..so happy blogging!