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Friday, June 26, 2009

quilt for aten...

people used to ask me...what's it feel like having four boys...well, i guess life is fair whether boy or girl ...the task are the same ... not to deny i do miss something that mums normally do with their little girls ...a'aaa don't get me wrong .... no regrets tho' ... my boys are the best.. the greastet gift of my life ...

but ...despite having no girls in my home but i do have beautiful girls in my life ... to mention some...elin , aten , nabilah , rina , yan , seha . adik atyn . jasmin , arriessa . aishah , iman and the latest princess of my life Zahra ... :)

this quilt is for aten ... my sister's daughter ... adik wants me to make a quilt for aten .... she said " make it sweet..!"knowing me... i can never be soooooo sweet ...

the applique roses - i choose red and pink tones ... to make it sweet but just look at the sashing and borders....a'aah so sori ya dik...then i embroideried her name on the center square ... hand-appliqed and hand-quilted ... do hope this quilt will warmth her nights ...

aten will be joining others ... UiTM here they come (actually, she went to Unisel ...only for one day... me and love hubby went and pick her up the very next day..!) and tomorrow gonna be their (aiqal/iman/aten and adik atyn) registrations day ....and aten will be going to Terengganu ... na na na na na ganu kite... !

orientation days?!!! ... good luck and all the best , children !


  1. Aida,
    akak ni baru saja belajar menjahit terutama nya tote bag ni..dah tua baru minat tu datang...akak berkenan dengan beg telekung,pouch yassin dan mini sejadah tu..akak nak mintak izin dengan kamu sebab akak nak buat macam tu jugak laaa...berkenan dengan paten kamu ni...akak takut nak copy takut kamu marah pulak...boleh ke akak kopi paten you tu?

  2. kak Ezzah, terima kasih kerana berminat dgn hasil kerja saya..go ahead kak..if kak Ezzah likes any of my creations pls copy je lah...sesungguhnya ilmu ni utk dikongsi bersama..i'm honored !

  3. sis.. this is absolutely very cute quilt. i love how neat and perfect it looks. very lovely :)

  4. love you mama aida ( : leh post kt blog ni

  5. Very sweet. Tak ada anak pompuan pun tak pe. we can be sweet too. Love the roses.

  6. sis alviana.. give yrself a try?

    aten..love u too!

    niena..tak nak try?

  7. Just lovely Aida...she will treasure it...such a beautyful quilt!!
    greetings Francien.

  8. kaida tak de anak perempuan tapi nanti ada rami menantu pompuan...bertuahnya siapa jadi menantu...hihihi. Mak mentua turun ilmu :D

  9. insyallah...kat umah u ada calon kannnnn?

  10. bertuah aten & your nieces/grand doter sbb having the chance to get beautiful pieces from you. tak semestinya tak ada anak perempuan, stops you from doing girl things.

    wahhh... aida, siang2 dah identify calon menantu eh..

  11. azie..well i guess itu lah hikmahnya...and by end of this year gonna get another another cucu...insyallah girl jugak...happiness!