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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my bags...iv

miss me ... anyone??? well .. i'm soooo very busy ... started with the school holidays until the first week of July , my weekends will be FULL !

well... actually i wanted to show another bag from my bags collection...

this bag was inspired from Hanim's indian inspired bag (brown garden dream)... but i made mine as a reversible bag...

i used black corduroy ...

blue and white american cotton....

same as Hanim's bag... i also used the same technique...wrapping the rattan handles with embroidery threads ... of-coz with colours that complements to my fabrics....
i really love the ideas of wrapping the handles !!!

the bag .... my version that's suit my 'not so lady-like' character....:)

actually..having a reversible bag was fun...i used to changed my bag during shopping...just because i walk passed a mirror and thought that the other side of the bag look better with what i'm wearing ....a'aaah what can my love hubby said except...smile


  1. Aida, your version is charming. The reversible idea is fantastic and convenient too.

  2. yaaa...i just smile...:)...hehehe

  3. I love your bags Aida..this one is so great!!...well actually all of your creations are absolutly beautyful!
    greetings from Holland...Francien.

  4. hai Francien..thank you and i love your works too...

  5. kaida comel bag tu, mana nak dapat rotan nyer handle tu , creativenya.

  6. I love this bag. I have some of those rounded handles but don't know how to use them yet. They have been sitting on my table for years now. Hehe. :)

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  8. staci..thank you n really hope you will be able to use the handles now..:)