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Monday, July 27, 2009

boxes...my latest project

well..my latest project will be this lovely box covered with lace..
it's for my aunty Bardot's son Najib who's getting married this Oct...

gotto say it's gonna be another mega project for me ... i need to make 20 boxes

... so i will be buzy with measuring...cutting...making and covering the boxes with laces ...starting today !!!
and frankly speaking it's not an easy task ...especially cutting the boards ... just hope i can finish it by Aug :)

p/s : Moknem , thanks for tips..


  1. hi.. aida, you really cant sit still laa.. but gud, that your crafts give & inspired ppl with ideas.

    i baru dok browsing over the net on how to make a box, tup2.. i saw the box made by you. you guna kertas apa ek tu make this box?

    glad to hear, that you gonna have another mega projects. really generate income, bole buat beli kain2 at least kan.. keep it up !

  2. azie...i'm using straw board..u can get it from art shop..

  3. thks aida for the tips, kena pergi sect 2 nih..

  4. Aida,... cantiklah kotak tu. Nanti bile dah siap semua color mesti lawa tu. Belum ikat riben lagi!... Knowing aunty Bardot tu, macam2 lagi nanti die buat. Guarantee hebat sekali. Good job.

  5. betul tu Moknem..memang cantik..aunty pun dah agree ..as u said macam2 nak letak..wl pose the final look of the box later

  6. Your box looks so good...beautyful color and material....20 more!!....pfft...that is a lot of work but the result will be stunning..
    greetings Francien.

  7. Francien u're right..it's a lot of work ..just finsih cutting the bottom (for 20boxes)and my back is painful..wish me luck

  8. salam sister..
    wow these are so so beautiful..i was just thinking about making some boxes for storage purposes and happened upon these!

    wow,it looks sooo good..
    but 20 more???
    good luck sister!
    i'll be cheering 4 ya all the way!

    do post more pictures of these lovelies!

  9. As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

    Wow.. you have such a lovely site! :D

    The box is gorgeous! tabarak'Allah.

    Take care
    Love Farhana

  10. thanks Farhana..alhamdulilah