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Friday, July 31, 2009

felt craze...

well..i 've to admit that i'm out of schedule ... my ironing still not done and i'm stuck with all these projects....

emmmm..due to shortage of boards ...i have abandoned my boxes for one day and put myself into another project...it's Azeem's Entrepreneur Project ...

here are some of the items i made for his project ...

and my felt collections
... getting more and more :)

well..i think i'm gonna stuck with this for a while b-coz ...
Aliff came back last night and saw what i made for Azeem and he wants it too.....there's goes my ironing..purghh!!

to Azeem ... Best of Luck !


  1. Aida,.. syok you melayan anak2. Semua cute2 belaka.

  2. aida... byk project in making nih.. hik hik.. tak mo wat cupcake mcm nani tu ker? sweet gaks tu..

  3. salam alaiki sister..
    these are so darling!
    i adore them!