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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

patchwork bag...

just finish making this patchwork bag for my sis in-law Liza...

the fabrics were earthy tone roses prints and dark brown checked... with rail fence patchwork pattern ... and hand-quilted it ... and the handles Liza got it from SS19 ...

actually she gave me the materials for quite sometimes already but i was hooked with sooooo many things ... the mega-projects ..then buzy with the boys ... they were not feeling well...one after another ... so sori !!


  1. Well Aida, this bag was worth waiting for and your sil. will be very proud of it..the bag looks lovely, beautyful colors...awesome!!
    greetings Francien.

  2. Aida,.. beautiful bag. The color is warm, nice and sweet. Syoklah Chah tu..

  3. Francien..yup, hope it's worth waiting for..thanks

    Moknem .. hope Chah likes it !

  4. k.aida,
    thanks... i like.... cantik

    bila I bole dapat beg yg kat u tu???