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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my dun'no what to do projects...

wow..it's not easy to stop myself from sewing...i promised myself to take a break from sewing after i finished my mega-project...
well..everything went well on monday be-coz i was occupied with houseworks...and today...i thought i will be able to take a rest but i was wrong....100 % wrong!!!

i can't stop myself from thinking 'what am i suppose to sew today?'
...well actually i really don't know what to do ... then i pulled my remnents tins and took out my pre-cut 2 x 2 inches squares and decided to make a pot-holders....(machine-quilt ..i should have hand-quilt it ! )

then i pulled out my x'gon box and took 2 x'gon flowers from my suppose to do x'gon project and decided to make a coasters ...(hand-quilt...i like it)...now i'm thinking of making a few more coasters....well , i guess quilters can never stop :)


  1. lol sis,that's why u gonna make history


    you're work is just lovely masha Allaah!

  2. salam sis...alhamdulilah with a gift given to me...miss u here..take care :)